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Please print this file so you don't skip any steps.
During OmniBook Setup, the setup process resumes
after you close this window.

To upgrade your OmniBook 600 to Windows 95, you need the
following items:
 - A set of OmniBook upgrade disks (Windows 95 HP BIOS
   version 4.0 and Windows 95 HP Drivers Disk 1 and 2).
 - Standard Microsoft Windows 95 setup disks or setup
   An A/C adapter for your OmniBook.
   The 3.5 inch floppy drive for your OmniBook.

You must following the steps below to properly 
upgrade your OmniBook 600 to Windows 95. These steps 
are described in detail following the Overview.  If
these steps are not followed in exact sequence, your
software configuration may become unstable and you will
have to start the process FROM THE BEGINNING.

1. Remove the password if it is set on the OmniBook
   and default the password settings.
2. Upgrade the OmniBook low-level software (BIOS)
   using the Windows 95 HP BIOS version 4.0 disk.
3. Upgrade to Windows 95 using the standard Microsoft
   Windows 95 setup disks or CD-ROM.
4. Install the OmniBook 600 software for Windows 95
   using the Windows 95 HP Drivers disks.

Upgrading the OmniBook 600 to Windows 95

********************  NOTE  ********************
If you have already upgraded to Windows 95
(BEFORE upgrading the BIOS to version 4.0), you should
NOT install Windows 95 into the current Windows directory.
Doing so will result in an unstable software configuration.

1. To change the password you will be prompted to
   enter the old password. Enter the old password and
   click on OK.
2. The password flags should be set to "At turn-on after
   FN>OFF" and clear the "Prompt for password before
   undocking" box if it is checked.
3. When prompted to enter the new password do not enter
   any text and do not press enter.  Click on OK.  This
   will empty or "delete" the password.

1. Plug in the A/C adapter. Leave it plugged in for
   the entire process.
2. BACKUP the files on drive C as a precaution.
3. Exit Windows.
4. Insert the Windows 95 HP BIOS version 4.0 disk in the
   floppy drive.
5. At the MS-DOS prompt type "a:\install".
6. After the BIOS upgrade finishes, remove the disk
   from the floppy drive.
7. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to reboot.
   Ignore any error messages during the first reboot.
   The OmniBook will reboot automatically one or more
   times.  If it does not reboot the final time you may
   need to press the reset button.

1. Insert the Microsoft Windows 95 setup disk #1 in
   the floppy drive (or insert the Microsoft Windows
   CD-ROM in a CD-ROM drive).
2. Exit Windows and from the DOS prompt type "a:\setup".
   (For a CD-ROM, use its drive letter and
   \win95\setup instead.)
3. When you are asked which directory to install into,
   choose C:\Windows.
4. It is strongly recommended that you let Windows 95
   create backup copies of your system files.
5. Under "Setup Options" you should choose Portable.
6. Even if you are connected to an Enhanced Port Replicator
   with a LAN card and/or using a 600CT do not select 
   "Network Adapter" or "Sound, MIDI, or Video Capture Card".
7. It is strongly recommended that you let Windows 95 create
   a startup disk for you.
8. It may take several minutes for Windows 95 to load for
   the first time after the installation is complete.
9. Once Windows 95 has been configured and is successfully
   running on the OmniBook you are ready to load the HP
   Windows 95 drivers.

********************  IMPORTANT  ********************
You MUST SHUTDOWN Windows 95 and reset the OmniBook
before continuing.  Failure to do so may result in
you having to reinstall Windows 95.

1. After Windows 95 restarts, insert The HP Windows 95
   HP Drivers Disk #1 in the floppy drive.
2. Click Start, Run, and type "a:\setup".
3. At the end of the Setup program, allow Setup to
   restart the computer. Remove the HP Drivers disk
   from the floppy drive before the OmniBook restarts.
   After Windows 95 restarts reinsert Disk 2 into the
   floppy drive.

********************  NOTE  ********************
The following step occurs during startup and will
differ depending on whether the OmniBook is docked,
or not.

4. When Windows 95 restarts, it goes through a process
   of evaluating the new configuration. You may be
   prompted many times about unknown devices or about
   restarting the computer:
    - If you're prompted about an unknown device,
      choose "Do not install a driver." It will
      automatically be set up later.
    - If you're prompted about restarting the computer
      after detecting unknown devices, choose No. You
      will restart it later.
5. When Windows 95 finishes starting, click Start,
   Settings, Control Panel.
6. Double-click PC Card to start the PC Card wizard.
   Step through the screens, letting the computer
   restart at the end. If you're prompted to shut off
   the computer, press the RESET button on OmniBook (or

If Windows 95 asks for files on Disk 2 and acts like the
drive can't be found, reselect the A: drive and it will
then continue.

If you have loaded Windows 95 on an OmniBook 600CT you
must adjust the ESS Sound drivers hardware configuration

1. Open Control Panel and double-click on System.
2. Click on Device Manager.
3. Expand the "Sound, video and game controllers" section.
4. Double-click on the ESS driver that has the conflict
5. Click on "Resources" and deselect the "Use automatic
   settings" check box. Then click on OK until you are
   out of Device Manager.
6. Restart Windows 95.

If you are using the Enhanced Port Replicator with a
LAN card you must adjust the following settings.  Before
beginning the following procedure you must UNDOCK to
allow Windows 95 to build the Undocked hardware

1. Open Control Panel and double-click on Network.
   Select Add, then Adapter, then select the Network
   card that you are using.  Note that you must have
   Windows 95 compatible drivers for your LAN card.
2. After selecting the LAN card, select and configure
   the protocols that you will be using.
3. When you are done setting up the Network hardware
   and software you will be prompted to restart the
   OmniBook.  Click on No.
4. From Control Panel double-click on System and
   then select Device Manager.
5. Double-click on the LAN card and then select
6. Set the Input/Output Range to start at 300 and
   set the Interrupt at 5.
7. While still in Device Manager you should see
   a conflict on a Motherboard Resource.  Click on
   the Motherboard Resource and then select Remove.
8. Remove the resource only from the specific
   configuration of "Dock1".  DO NOT REMOVE THE
9. After removing the Motherboard resource Click
   on the LAN card again and select Remove.
10. Remove the resource only from the specific
    configuration of "Undocked1". DO NOT REMOVE
11. After exiting Device Manager let Windows 95
    restart the OmniBook.

This completes the software installation of Windows 95
on the OmniBook 600 computer.

Open "Windows 95 on the OmniBook" to learn about
special software and special features available in
Windows 95 on your OmniBook. Click Start and HP User
Tools, then click "Windows 95 on the OmniBook."