Technical Specifications Hardware Omnibook 300

Size Closed
*16.3x28.2x2x3.6cm (6.4x11.1x1.4in)

*1.31kg (2.888 lb) with flash disk
*1.36kg (2.998 lb) with hard disk
Traveling weight (includes adapter and power cable)
* 1.70kg (3.75 lb) with flash disk
* 1.74kg (3.84 lb) with hard disk


Clock speed
*20 MHz

*640x480 dot VGA
*9-inch diagonal LCD
*16 shades of gray

*4.8 V dc rechargeable battery pack with nickel-metal-hydride cells.
*Battery pack recharges in less than 1 1/2 hours using ac adapter.
*Low battery warning when approximately 2 minutes of operation remain.
*Battery life - up to 5 hours with hard disk, 9 hours with flash disk.
*AC adapter 100 to 240 V ac (50 to 80 Hz) input, 12Vdc output.
*Backup power option battery pack can be replaced by four 1.5v lithium
AA batteries or for HP Omnibook flash disk version only four 1.5 V
alkaline AA batteries.

Available version of mass storage
*40MB hard disk (approximately 80MB with DoubleSpace).
*10BM flash disk (approximately 20MB with DoubleSpace).
Note: Larger drives are now available.

*2MB (expandable to 4, 6 or 8MB with optional Ram expansion card).

*9-pin 115k baud, RS-232 port (with hardware handshaking)
*25-pin parallel port
*9-pin to 9-pin serial cable included
*115k baud, bi-directional infrared port
*Communications port for optional fax/modem

Keyboard and Mouse
*85 keys
*Touch-type able keyboard, industry-standard full-sized key spacing
*Embedded numeric keypad
*12 FN-keys
*Built-in pop-up mouse
*2 PCMCIA Type II slots available with the flash disk, one Type III

*Optional Pac RIM Floppy Disk Drive
-small and lightweight
-simple parallel connection to the HP Omnibook 300

Built-in Software in ROM
*MS-DOS Version 5.0
*Microsoft Windows Version 3.1
*Microsoft Word for Windows version 2.0
*Microsoft Excel version 4.0
*Laplink Remote Access
*Phone Book
*Appointment Book
*HP Financial Calculator

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