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			Installing Audio Support

System Installation Requirements

HP OmniBook with Windows 95 installed.  This can be verified by 
   looking at the system properties (Start/Settings/Control Panel/System/), the
   Windows 95 version should be 4.00.950 A, 4.00.950 B, or 4.00.950 C.

NOTE:  The audio driver is pre-installed at the factory if your system was pre-installed with
Windows 95 version 4.00.950C.  If you are installing these drivers on a previous or non-factory 
installed version of Windows 95 please follow the directions given below.

HP OmniBook Audio Drivers.  These drivers are located on the hard disk in
   C:\OMNIBOOK\DRIVERS\WIN95\AUDIO.  These drivers are also located on the
   HP OmniBook Recovery CD in the \OMNIBOOK\DRIVERS\WIN95\AUDIO

Installation Procedure
Copy Files in this directory onto a 3.5 inch floppy, and then follow this

1. Turn your OmniBook on, and start up Windows 95.
2.  Win95 is a Plug and Play (PnP) OS.  It automatically recognizes new PnP audio 
    hardware and creates a database for the hardware.  The following shows 
    the Crystal logical devices:
    A. Windows 95 detects the Crystal PnP Audio System Codec.  Windows 95 asks for the
       manufacturer's Disk.  Please select the appropriate drive and/or path
       to the driver files.  If you have copied the files on to a floppy disk, then
       insert the floppy disk with the driver files.  Otherwise, you can find the driver
       files on the recovery cd in \OMNIBOOK\DRIVERS\WIN95\AUDIO.
       Installing DirectSound games may replace the
       Crystal drivers with Microsoft Windows default Sound System drivers.
       This problem can be solved by running the UNINSTAL.EXE application 
       and reinstalling the Crystal Audio Driver (see section 6).
    B. Windows 95 detects the Crystal PnP Audio System Joystick (Joystick in some
       platforms).  On certain versions of Windows 95, Windows will prompt 
       for the Win 95 CD in order to re-install the joystick drivers.
    C. Windows 95 detects the Crystal PnP Audio System Control Registers
       (CS4232 Support Registers in some platforms.)
    D. Windows 95 detects the Crystal PnP Audio System MPU-401 Compatible.
    E. Windows 95 detects the Crystal PnP Audio System CD-ROM.  This device may 
       not be found if the Plug and Play resources for the audio system do 
       not reference a CD.  If your audio system is not using the CD-ROM 
       interface, this device will not be detected.

       If any of the above (A through E) is not detected, a previous Windows 95 
       sound card installation was done.  For a clean reinstallation, the 
       user should see the Uninstalling Crystal Audio drivers section below.

Uninstalling Crystal Audio Drivers

1. From Windows 95, run UNINSTAL.EXE provided in the Crystal installation 
   diskette.  This application will do an automatic cleaning up of the 
   Windows 95 Crystal Audio registry entries.  Many problems with 
   reinstallation occur because of existing registry entries from previous
   installations and because of the \WINDOWS\INF\OEMx.INF files.  After 
   running UNINSTAL.EXE, the various Crystal devices should not be listed 
   in the Device Manager window.  
2. Restart your system.  If you want to remove or install any hardware, 
   select the SHUTDOWN option and turn off your PC.
3. Turn PC on.  Upon loading, Windows 95 will detect new hardware, create an
   information database, and proceed with the installation of Crystal device 
   drivers (see section 4)

Installing Crystal Audio Driver in Dos Mode
A.  Restarting the computer in MS-DOS mode.
    Shutting down to MS-DOS mode from the Shutdown Windows 95 Menu will 
    automatically run the CWBINIT.EXE /A in dosstart.bat.  Therefore, 
    shutting down to MS-DOS mode will automatically have the audio card 
    configured for Dos games.

B.  Enabling Dos support in Dos prompt icon.
    To enable real DOS mode with CS4232/36/36b/37b/38b support:
1.  Select a DOS prompt icon.
2.  Select Properties.
3.  Go to the Program tab.
4.  Select the Advanced... button.
5.  Click MS-DOS Mode.
6.  Click "Specify a new MS-DOS configuration."
7.  The following line will be automatically placed into the new 
    MS DOS configuration (with right path): DEVICE=C:\WIN95\CWBINIT.EXE /A